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How Steven Conville has done well with his sports website. 

Steven Conville Sports is a website that gives you an update on the latest professional updates on sports comprising of basketball, hockey, baseball, tennis, MMA and more. Steven Conville averaged 18 points and 10 rebounds in Grade nine and since he was one of the tallest students in Richmond Hill High School team, he was offered a hope that he could play in the National Basketball Association.

The scoring averages dropped down to four points and two rebounds just two years later and Steven realized that he was one of the shortest players on the team. He then realized that he was made for something else and he concentrated on playing Saxophone at Bay view Secondary School, where he also completed the 12th grade. He was a great basketball fan who also became the Toronto Raptors season ticket holder 12 years back. He also went out of the way to meet the new National Basketball League of Canada commissioner Andre Levingston 8 years back.

Andre Levingston then asked Steven whether he would be interested in owning a team as he loved sports. He definitely thought that the gods were smiling at him and he jumped at the offer. He was then the vice-president and portfolio manager with Macquarie Private Wealth. Conville then turned his attention to Moncton which also welcomed him as the owner of the city’s new basketball franchise. Moncton was one of the fastest growing regions in the east of Toronto with great opportunities for basketball. Basketball is one of the most well played sports in North America as far as population is considered. Conville had also had a good experience in the financial sector for 19 years.

 Moncton is Canada’s first officially bilingual city, with an active English and French speaking crowd. Conville was known to be one of the best students who was gifted in Arts and sciences and in Grade 3 hired a tutor who could train him in French.

Conville has been known to be very humble with deep insights towards business and he has been looked after by his parents Dr. Vincent Conville and the late Fay Conville, who both demonstrated active ties to the Jamaican Canadian Association. He is among some of several leaders who have done Canada proud. Conville also has a website for himself called the Steven Conville Sports website that has all the details about various games. The website has all the updated news about Hockey such as PK Subban trade rumors, the season of basketball, NBA championship facts and many more. You can subscribe to the website for news about sports.