Jon Jones Positive Drug test, pulled from UFC 200

Jon jones is a former UFC pound-to-pound fighter. He has been recently caught for drug abuse. The fighter can face up to two year suspension from the game for the same reason. He has also been to rehabilitation for drug abuse and cocaine intake.
Tested positive by the anti-doping agency, Jon jones was pulled out of the UFC 200 main event. He was tested positive for a banned performance enhancing medicine. Jones was to capture his previous position in the light heavy weight belt event. He was replaced by former champion Brock Lesnar against mark hunt who is among the top 10 contender in this competition.

Two year suspension

Jon Jones positive drug test was tested “B”in the test as on June 16th of this year. The former champion can face a suspension from the game for up to two years if the use of the same banned medication is repeated. This information was disclosed by company president Dana White who told the reporters the details in a hurriedly arranged for news conference the same evening. White did not contact Jones about the occurrence immediately though.

About jones

Jon Jones is a former UFC’s top ranked pound-to-pound fighter and has always witnessed the heights of success until his unanimously decided victory against Cormier in January 3rd, 2015. He have been involved in various controversial events since then including a car crash on a pregnant women who broker her arm in the event and drug abuse. Cocaine was found in his system reportedly. He also faces legal complications for street racing as well.

The complications

By this point, his belt has been stripped and a rematch with Cormier was also delayed because of Cormier’s injury from a training session and Jones legal crisis. Cormier have been on record about his criticism of the former champions reckless lifestyle.

Jones commented about his Jon Jones positive drug test that he has been trying to move on from the reckless phases of his life and is regretful how these have actually affected his performance, his career as well as financial standpoints. However he is also fighting against the doping test results and wishes to “be an example for kids to look up to.”

However, white does not have any regrets about USADA’s drug testing reports and he has been quoted saying “this is the way it should be. We have the best program in all of sports.”


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