KAT, Wiggins, LaVine all coming to dunk on you at the 2016 Rising Stars Challenge


The Wolves will have three participants in the somewhat newly-formatted Rising Stars Challenge on All-Star Weekend’s Friday night festivities.

In a USA vs. World format debuted last year, Andrew Wiggins will face teammates Zach LaVine and Karl-Anthony Towns (who probably could have played for the World team as well) in a game that will feature a slew of other stars.

These games are never the prettiest for basketball junkies, but they are the best for fans of crazy highlights.

Wiggins, who won the game’s MVP a year ago, will have even more to play for, as this year’s fun will be held at the Air Canada Centre in his hometown of Toronto.

It still remains unclear whether or not Zach LaVine, who is also playing in this game for the second time, will also defend his dunk contest title that weekend. Adding Wiggins to the contest could make for a very Wolves-centric Saturday night, something most NBA fans could (and, let’s be honest, should) get behind.

For example: a reminder of what Wiggins did to the rim at last year’s Rising Stars challenge.

That hasn’t stopped this season, either. We’ll have to wait and see on the dunk contest, but we’re almost guaranteed to see some slams in this game. We’ve seen plenty of evidence to suggest that they’ll be awesome, too.

Like this one from Towns.

Or this one from LaVine.

Or this one from Wiggins.

See you then.

Source: www.awolfamongwolves.com/

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