NBA Championship Facts

Important Facts About NBA ChampionshipNational Basket Ball Association (NBA) has conducted the Finals for 2016 this 20th June between Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors. Between the time period 1985-2013 The Winners of NBA Finals followed a particular format of 2-3-2 where the first and last games were being played at the team arena. So, the earned the support of home court that helped them to achieve success in real time. Maximum games of NBA Finals were played in a particular format of 2–2–1–1–1. Games 1 and 2 are played for higher seeded team, games 3 and 4 for lower seeded team, game 5 at the higher followed by Game 6 at higher and Game 7 is the highest one. The Finals returned to the format in 2014 and the series previously was referred to as BBA series between 1947-1949, which later on turned to NBA World Champions Series during the period 1950-1982.

Live Streaming

This year’s NBA finals was broadcasted live that was a real excitement for the audience and they enjoyed all the matched supporting their favorite teams. You can select the right channel where you can catch the live match ensuring you are able to get the real happiness while watching the match. Hence, it has now become easier to explore the match with the players on the ground with full energy. Get familiar with the suitable date and time when the match would start and get sitted in front of your television.

Winner’s Parade

The Cavaliers won the match and they started partying immediately celebrating their victory in the match. The City of Cleveland was waiting for this time since a long time and finally they got the chance to celebrate their success. James brought back the Cavaliers from the 3-1 series and it was a real shock for the 73-win Warriors. Before this no other teams were able to snatch victory in Cleveland after the Browns cracked the NFL Championship in 1964. However, the official event for celebration would take place on Wednesday at 11AM. They would organize a parade followed by a rally that would come out as a real glamorous affair. The parade would get started from Quicken Loans Arena travelling around different corners of the City finally ending at Mall B. More than 60 units would be there in the parade and thus it would be a great thing you would experience.

Other Facts

On 23rd June the potential players as well the teams gathered at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York with a hope to get the NBA Draft. After the NBA finals results are declared the teams would have to look forward to meet the next target. Basketball fans watched the matches live and the courtesy goes for ESPN. A brief on NBA Draft is like:

• New Orleans Pelicans

• Sacramento Kings

• Minnesota Timberwolves

• Los Angeles Lakers

• Denver Nuggets

• Milwaukee Bucks

• Philadelphia 76ers

• Phoenix Suns

• Toronto Raptors

• Boston Celtics

Overall, it was a great one that was enjoyed by the basketball fans with full excitement waitig to know which team would finally grab the victory.

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