Rockets 129, Wolves 105: I wonder what Pek and KG talk about behind the bench…


This is the reality show/podcast that should be, but will never be. In an attempt to have some from from tonight’s awful loss at home against Houston, I present: A series of conversations I pretend to have overheard between Nikola Pekovic and Kevin Garnett, a pair of Timberwolves big men sidelined due to injury. 

Note: These conversations are completely fake. Please don’t take this seriously.

1st quarter

KG: “Yo, Pek, have you ever asked Rudez what the deal is with those stretches? Does he have a routine?”

Pek: “He told me in the preseason that it’s just how he dances. I couldn’t tell if he was kidding.”


Pek: “WOW, Wig got UP THERE! Almost threw one down right on Dwight!”

KG: “Dwight’s a *several expletives*. ALL DAY, WIG. ALL DAY.”


2nd quarter

KG: “Man, KAT has been off tonight,”

Pek: “He needs more tattoos”

KG: “Agreed.”


Pek: “This game is getting out of hand.”

KG: “Dwight’s a *several expletives*.”

Pek: “Ticket?”

KG: “Harden’s a *more expletives*. ALL DAY, KAT.

……………….sorry, I get emotional sometimes.”

3rd quarter

KG: “Okay, the big question: pineapple on pizza or nah?”

Pek: “I don’t eat fruit.”

KG: “……… don’t eat FRUIT…..”

Pek: “Is that weird?”

KG: “Well, it isn’t NOT weird.”

Pek: “Hey, some people don’t eat meat. I don’t eat fruit.”

KG: “Do you drink juice? Like orange juice and apple juice?”

Pek: “Sometimes.”

KG: “And that doesn’t count?”

Pek: “You don’t eat juice, Kevin. You drink juice.”




4th quarter

Pek: “So what was Minneapolis like when you were first drafted here?”

KG: “It was crazy different. Hand checking was allowed on defense. You couldn’t play the zone. Michael Jordan was off winning 72 games. I had hair. There wa..”

Pek: “Wait, you had hair?”

KG: “Yeah, my rookie year, I did.”

Pek: “I just kind of figured you’ve always been bald.”


Pek: “Man, that game was rough.”

KG: “We need to come together against New Orleans. It’d suck to go out on two straight losses.”

Pek: “Agreed.”

KG: “Maybe I wasn’t vocal enough tonight. You know?”

Pek: “Yeah,  I hear y..”



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