Venus and Serena Williams Excellence in Wimbledon 2016

The William sisters showed off their excellent tennis skills again in Wimbledon 2016.

The rivalry between Venus and Serena Williams is well recognized in the sports world. The William Sisters are extraordinary tennis players and it shows in their play over the years. In Wimbledon 2016, Venus and Serena won the Women’s Double Final and Serena bagged her 22nd Grand Slam Single’s Title. Wimbledon 2016 has been a great tournament for both of these outstanding sisters.

Venus and Serena Williams are two famous black female tennis players, popularly known as the “Williams sisters”. These two professional American tennis players are well recognized and quite a popular duo in the sports world for their achievements. Both the sisters have the reputation of winning many Grand slam titles, both in the singles and the doubles tournaments.

Both the William sisters are excelling in their fields.

Venus Williams is the elder sister with seven Grand Slam Singles Title to her credit, while the younger one, Serena, has 22 Grand Slam Singles Title to her name, the recent one being won during the Wimbeldon, 2016. Both the sisters have been successful in creating a niche and both are known for their aggressive game play.

Age is just a number for them

Venus and Serena Williams in Wimbeldon 2016 had shown that age is just a number when it comes to playing tennis. Both of them displayed their skills as professional tennis players and showcased the world that their experience and dedication towards the game is simply unparalleled. Serena Williams went one step ahead, winning the Women’s Single Title in the Wimbledon, equaling Steffi Graff’s 22 Grand Slam Singles Titles.

Serena Williams is ranked one in the world

Serena Williams is the world’s number one women’s tennis player and for quite a number of years she has retained her supremacy in the sports with her dominant playing style. She is 34 years of age, but when you watch her playing, she can beat every teenager and younger players on the court with her great athletic attitude and flexibility.

Venus Williams is no less

Just because Venus Williams has won only & Single Grand Slam Title in comparison to Serena, doesn’t mean that she is any less. She is 35 years, and she still believes that she can once again win a Single’s Grand Slam title. Such a belief is commendable, especially when there are so many other talented and skillful tennis players participating.

Venus and Serena Williams in Wimbledon 2016 has acquired another height by winning the Women’s Doubel title. Apart from winning doubles titles together, their rivalry on the tennis court is a well known affair and people seem to enjoy the sisters playing each other.

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