Will Kevin Durant Fit with the Warriors?

Kevin Durant is a notable three point shooter basketball player. He recently changed his team from the thunders to the warriors of golden state. He is known to fit into any style of the game. The change has been quite shocking to many of his loyal fans who support thunders.

Kevin Durant to warrior is almost a piling on decision to many in NBA. However the coach of Golden State Steve Kerr made it clear that they need Kevin Durant and did not add him just for the sake of adding a new quality player to their line-up. The past performance of golden state and its warriors with star players like Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Steph Curry have been astoundingly perfect already and it has been a surprise to many in NBA about why they still need the 27-point scorer that Kevin Durant is.

“organic, authentic”

Ever since his rocking announcement of leaving the Thunder in July 4, Durant made his first public appearance and recounted his meeting with Curry, Thompson, Green, Joe Lacob, Iguodola and Kerr as “Organic authentic”. He confessed taking the decision was difficult and he was still in two minds even on the night of july3. However, being an avid player that he is, the opportunity to play in the carefree and creative atmosphere of warrior’s is very appealing to him indeed.

Fitting in

One big question that everybody keeping an eye on the changes in the basketball world have is whether Kevin Durant to warrior is a fitting change. The coach of the team feels that Kevin has the talent to fit into any style of game. however, it would be fit to say his game with Draymond, Klay and Steph can actually truly determine how well he will fit in given they were already in the team and have their own pattern of the game.

Kerr resorted to showing Kevin some of the video clips of the warrior’s playing strategy and offenses to give him an idea of what he can expect and what is being expected of him. Durant is obviously enthusiastic about fitting in and has been up with notable questions regarding their playing patterns which give a clear indication of the interest he is taking in the game. Durant would be an advantage for the team for his ability to shoot from outside in the team which is already known for three point shooters.

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